NEW! Donate a Set (all 4 books) to local children in need.
The author goes into schools and does workshops and readings of all for books 
NEW! Happy Hannah
Hannah is tired of being happy all the time! 
She has other feelings she wants to explore. 
Can the town handle the big changes in Hannah?
NEW! Mad Michael
Michael is mad. 
One day he meets a wise dog who helps him find better ways to deal with his big anger. 
Rhymes and smiles guaranteed!
NEW! Nervous Nelly
Nelly is nervous about everything! 
What should she do? 
She doesn’t know ’till magical unicorn takes her on adventure she’ll never forget.
Sad Sally
Sally is sad. All the time. 
Things start to change when she comes across a wise frog 
along her path who gives her some great advice.
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